Nowadays it seems like everyone and their dog is providing some sort of online coaching, training, or nutritional guidance – for the right price of course. And while many of them tote great stories of success (or post  motivational quotes on their instagram pages), it can be overwhelming for the average Joe to pick a coach that is best suited for THEM and their goals. And in such a saturated health and fitness industry, GOOD COACHES can be hard to differentiate from the BAD ones. I hear horror stories from both clients and strangers; It more often-than-not involves someone paying money to an online, socialRead More →

If I had a nickel for every time a client told me that “sugar makes you fat” I’d probably be on my way to affording my very own candy shop. Anyone who hasn’t done their research on the components of sugar and human physiology would agree: If you want to lose weight, cut the sweet stuff out of your diet first and poof! The pounds will melt off.  But is it really that simple? In my years as a researcher and science student, I’ve come to learn that nothing is as black and powdery-white as it seems. I’ve said before that the health industry hasRead More →

PROTEIN. It’s the answer to all things bodybuilding, and maybe life in general for those living the “Bro way”. The golden chalice of youth and gains is filled with chocolate-flavoured whey and chicken breast. But how do us mere mortals know how much protein we need to take in every day? And why is protein such an important aspect of getting that optimum, muscular physique?  . Is protein the golden macronutrient for muscle growth?   Eating protein does one essential thing for our bodies: it increases Muscle Protein synthesis (or MPS). MPS refers to the rate of protein synthesis of actual muscle fibres. This isRead More →

How do I track my macros or calories without writing everything out? Writing down every food we consume is tedious and time-consuming and, let’s face it, so last decade. I mean, who even knows how to write anymore? Don’t they just teach emoji-grammar in school? Luckily, with a few tap-tap’s of our thumbs, fitness apps on our phones or tablets can do all the calculations for us, and even tell us how many macros we have remaining throughout the day! There are plenty of calorie-tracking apps you can download on your phone that take the grunt work out of tracking. Here are 5 I thinkRead More →

You’ve been there. Standing in the grocery store making a major philosophical, ethical, and economic decision- holding a bag of organic carrots in one hand and a bag of non-organic in the other. You may remain there for a minute or more, weighing the pros and cons of your choices and, once you’ve made the steely resolve to live a longer, healthier, happier (but a little bit poorer) life, you put the non-organic carrots back on the shelf and the organic carrots in your shopping cart. You feel a sense of satisfaction, and maybe a little pride, making the decision to spend the extra twoRead More →

Ever been.. ahem.. “plugged up” and taken a supplement like Metamucil or bran to help get things moving again? Ever binged on an excessive amount of your favorite fruits in the summer and “paid for it” later?  I think we’ve all been there once or twice.  FIBER is an important part of our diets, and we always hear that we need to get more of it, but what is it really and why is it so beneficial? Turns out there’s a much more substantial side to dietary fiber than just helping us, uh, “go”. Fiber is a component of plants that the human body cannot digest inRead More →

  Now that you’ve discovered the basics of macronutrients and how they relate to your caloric intake, let’s talk about some different aspects to look at regarding our food nutrition labels.  The food industry is sneaky. While it has to disclose most information about its food products, it doesn’t have to educate you on how to decipher its labeling. Remember, the more educated you are about your foods the less the food industry can persuade you with savvy marketing ploys. So being conscious of what you’re digging into will allow you to make more informed decisions of what (and how much) you’re consuming. Here’s aRead More →

Macros, Macros, Macros! That’s a word you might hear if you frequent a gym filled with serious goal-getters in the health and fitness industry.  But what the heck even ARE they? How is one little word getting so much attention when it comes to getting fit, losing weight, or reaching your health goals?  Why are people raving about how macros help you lose weight while simultaneously shoving cookie dough-flavored Poptarts into their mouths? I am going to tell you what I wish I’d known years ago. 1: What does “macros” even mean?  “Macros” stand for “macronutrients”, which are simply ‘substances required in large amounts by livingRead More →

My name is Kirianna. I am a certified Personal Trainer and Nutritional Therapist with my BSc., and I am on a mission to share the most relevant, no-bullshit information on health, fitness, and nutrition to everyone I can. Here’s my story.   I never had a skinny phase as a kid. I wouldn’t say I was ‘fat’ either, but I always had that comforting layer of chub. And even though I was active, my parents knew nothing about nutrition or controlling caloric intake. In other words, I didn’t understand that putting spoonful after spoonful of sugar into my morning cereal was a bad thing; allRead More →