The quickest, easiest stir-fry you’ll ever dream of making. The process is simple and oil-free, but the possibilities are endless for a dish this dynamic! Pair with your peanut sauce and you’ve got a real recipe for success!

This egg dish is HUGE, filling, protein-packed, and delicious! It takes a little more prep time than something like pancakes, but the taste is a wonderful pay-off.

Start off your day with something easy, healthy, and delicious! This low-fat recipe will ensure you’re properly fueled for the activity you have planned, and keep you full so you’re not reaching for that Snicker’s bar later.
All you need is a blender/magic bullet and a go-get-em attitude (because who shouldn’t have one of those?)… Be sure to use cooking spray for your pan/griddle/waffle iron to ensure minimal mess.

Print Recipe Bali-inspired Peanut Sauce If you’ve ever been to southeast Asia, you know they take their fresh food seriously. While in Indonesia, I had the pleasure of attending a cooking seminar run by locals. It may have been one of the best decisions of my trip, and the peanut sauce is SO GOOD, I’ve been sharing my Canadian-version ever since. Mix it into your favourite veggie/noodle/rice stir-fry and prepare to have your world changed! Course Main Dish Cuisine indonesian Prep Time 10 minutes Passive Time 2-3 minutes Servings servings Ingredients 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar2 tbsp low sodium soy sauce or liquid aminos3 tbspRead More →

With only 99 calories per muffin, what’s not to love about these quick, tasty, sugar-free treats? 1.7F/14C/6.3P – all you need is a blender or magic bullet (well… and an oven)!